Freitag, 30. März 2012

Tell Me Baby, What's Your Story?

Dear Bloggerworld,

Just decided to get started with my own blog, since I think it's the best way to express everything I experience around the world and in my homebase Zurich. I also see it as a good thing to communicate and get inspired by people that have the same passions as I have. :)
I'm a lover of travelling, different music venues and tattoos. But there's so much more than these three things. I work in an office during the day and a nighworker on weekends in a local club, which makes possible for me to live the dream and go out on a trip almost whenever I like.
You can expect recent and older posts about my citytrips, festival visits, concert evenings and all the experiences related to that.

I guess you should figure out the rest by yourself... Welcome to my twisted reality!

Much Love <3


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